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FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions
Can you purchase something without a PayPal Account?
Yes! Simply click "Pay with Debit/Credit card" instead of logging into PayPal. Consider adding your credit card/bank to your PayPal for future convenience.


How do I know my payment is safe?
Your payment is sent through PayPal, a secure payment gateway. If you have an account, you can use it. However, you can also donate without an account. (Simply click: Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit) 
I am a parent. What exactly is this?
Hello! As a disclaimer, we are not affiliated with Mojang AB nor the creators of the game "Minecraft". If you have any problems, issues, concerns, please contact us directly at elitemc.org@gmail.com. EliteKits is a Minecraft server that hosts several gamemodes such as Last Man Standing, Sumo, and Team Deathmatch. To provide for our hosting and operating costs that rack up hundreds of dollars, we allow our players to purchase ranks, kits, & other in-game goods to help keep the server up. After purchase, the name that was submitted to us will AUTOMATICALLY be credited the purchased goods within 5-10 minutes. Your payment is processed through PayPal (you do NOT need an account to purchase lifetime ranks), which is a safe and secure payment processor. By purchasing a rank, your child is provided access to special perks on the server. If you have any personal questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at elitemc.org@gmail.com. Please read all terms and conditions before purchasing any virtual goods. Thank you!

Where does money made from the server go?
The money generated from the store is put toward our hosting/development/advertising costs, which are several hundreds of dollars a month. If we reach our goal and pay off our expenses, the remainder of the money is used to help grow the server.

Do you do rank transfers or rank combinations?
No. We have stopped providing rank transfers as of last year. Please purchase your rank on the account that you will be playing on. Under special circumstances granted under an individual bases, we may be able to transfer your rank. However, you must contact us at elitemc.org@gmail.com or ask on our Discord server.

Do you offer refunds?
No. Due to the  nature of the goods we are selling, and the instant access to exclusive perks, we do not provide refunds. You void your right to a refund by accepting our Terms and Conditions. Please read them before checking out. HOWEVER, we do provide refunds under special circumstances. An example of this would be if you didn't receive your virtual good and you would like a refund. Please consult us before contacting PayPal, we can often help you resolve your issue quicker and more efficient without having funds locked up for several weeks to months. Contact us here: elitemc.org@gmail.com
Additional Information
  • We are not affiliated with Mojang A.B., the creators of Minecraft.
  • A PayPal account is not needed for purchase.
  • Please contact us if you run into any issues with payment. We do not offer rank transfers or rank combinations (getting a friend to combine a rank with your own rank to get a higher rank).
  • When purchasing from our store, you check the box that agrees to our terms and conditions. You can read them at checkout, and they're also available here: https://elitekits.buycraft.net/terms.